Tungsten Kevlar Lined Fabrication Glove - Grey/Black

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The popular Tungsten glove just got even stronger with Kevlar lining for added heat protection. Perfect for those days spent welding up your projects.

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Constructed from heat treated cowhide and weld & spark friendly Kevlar, and double stitched tightly in weld & spark friendly Kevlar stitching. The Tungsten glove shape has been refined for a slimmer fit over traditional bulky gloves with carefully thought out reinforcement and resting panels added throughout.

A lengthy construction process with a strong emphasis on material strength, comfort & the ability to go the distance under extreme heat. The best fitting, hardest wearing glove you'll ever own.


Heat Treated Genuine Cowhide Leather


Heat-Friendly Kevlar Stitching


Double-Layer Reinforced High Wear Areas


Precision Fitted Glove Shape


Unique Zig-Zag Resting Panel


Heat Treated Genuine Cowhide

Unlike traditional bulky leather, our specifically heat treated cowhide strikes a balance among durability, dexterity, abrasion resistance, and comfort.

Light on the hands but extremely durable and protects through extreme heat levels, resulting in an ability to push on through longer beads without the need to stop for a cool down.

Well proven to hold it shape and stay flexible throughout months of consistent daily welding and metal work. While slightly stiff at first, our leather won't take long to adapt to your weld patterns and become a durable second skin.

Heat Friendly Double Seam Kevlar Stitch

2½ times stronger than nylon and polyester, Kevlar thread has very little stretch, does not melt, and handles extreme heat.

We have utilised reinforced double Kevlar stitching throughout so you can weld daily without fear of busting seams or misshaping stitching under extreme conditions.

Unique Zig-zag Resting Panel

Our uniquely designed resting panel is the result of many conversations with some of the most driven fabricators around. All of which highlighted the fact that tig welding often requires the back of the hand and pinky finger to be rested on rapidly heating surfaces.

The result is our uniquely shaped resting reinforcement panel. It features a Kevlar zig-zag stitch to keep the panel tight and increase feel when running your hand along flat surfaces and edges.

Reinforced High Wear Areas

Over the months of designing and testing, we've had our fair share of blow outs. Holes, shrinkage and excessive wear are all common problems found with regular glove wear. After we nailed the exact materials to use, we tested long and hard to provide us with key area's that would need a bit more love in the layer department.

Finger tip, fore-finger, thumb and palm reinforcement panels create a combo of durable panels that wrap around the torch and protect where it's needed the most.


Velcro, Padded, Leather Lined Cuff

Velcro adjustment cuff creates a tight seal and keeps out debris and slag. The adjustment split features a leather lined panel opening to keep the interior clean during times of high use.

The interior cuff area is fully padded and lined for comfortable welding when leaning and resting the wrist.

Precision Fitted Glove Shape

The Tungsten's specialized fitted glove shape has been refined to be light weight, bulk free, highly flexible and comfortable.

Although specifically designed with mig & tig welding in mind, the Tungsten Glove is ideal for a wide range of fabrication applications.

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David W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Fantastic gloves

Time will tell but at first fit these gloves are top notch materials, fit, and finish. Worth every penny if they last as long as they look like they will.

wesley b.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

There an Awsome piece of kit